Openvpn pfsense to zero shell

  • I have an already installed zeroshell box running several openvpns to other zeroshell boxes.

    I wish to replace these with pfsense as a preferred firewall platform.
    I cannot change all the boxes at once and therefore need to connect the pfsense box to the zeroshell boxes via openvpn.

    I have got the to systems to open a tun openvpn connection, but i cannot get ewither to pass traffic when the ip addresses are either set manually or automagically. the zeroshell is currently the server and the pfsense box the client.

    has any one had any success with pfsense <-> openVPN <-> zeroshell ?

    zeroshell was chosen prior to my arrival and was chosen because it did vpn bonding. Now pfsense 2 can do this via LAGG I would like to migrate, but the blocker is getting the pfsense to zeroshell vpns working.

    Unfortunately it a live network and i need to keep disruption to a minimum.

    looking for any ideas on getting the traffic flowing.

    zeroshell to zeroshell is working fine as is pfsense to pfsense

    all i get is destination host unreachable when trying to ping either way. the firewalls are open.

  • On your pfsense box, can you select your openvpn interface and ping something on the internet? I'm a newbie myself, but I learned a few things while trying to get an openvpn connection up and going.

  • Ping from the interface to the internet works fine ans the routing is in place. a pfsense to pf sense connection works fine it just appears to be layer 3 on the vpn connection that is failing zeroshell <-> pfsense

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