Captive portal authentication logs

  • Hello,
    I've been look out this question in the forum, but I haven`t found the solution, and I would need to know the form of keeping the  authentication's logs of the captive portal, so that doesn't fade without or that they were staying.

    Thanks a lot

  • enable logging to syslog server.

  • Thanks a lot for the reply, but I want to install PfSense in a stand-alone appliance (mini-pc), so I need to save this logs in the local machine. Any idea?

  • I think you can install a local syslog server, but I would not play with this on a security appliance unless the core devs plan to implement writing logs to disk. But maybe this wouldn't be such a bad idea since pfs 2.0 was aimed for hdd install and you get plenty of space today at minimum which is totally unused. On the other hand, when switching to ssd this changes again…