[SOLVED] Openvpn Server x Multiple Clients

  • Hi Guys, I'm have a bit problem with Openvpn. Firts I'll try explain my environment.

    Today I have the following scenario P2P using linux (working).

    One server with one OpenVpn tun  accepting multiples conections:

    |   –---  CLIENT 1 - LAN
    SERVER  |   -----  CLIENT 2 - LAN
               |   -----  CLIENT 3 - LAN

    I'm try make the same scenario with PFsense (Openvpn Server) and Linux CLients

    LAN SERVER   -
    LAN CLIENT   -

    But, I dont get access from Server LAN to Client LAN, but the access from  Client LAN to Server LAN works perfect.

    The VPN is established without problems, the routes are ok.

    Its bellow the link from my original post (in portguese) with images from my config.


    SOmbedoy have idea about this problem ?

  • Solved.

    I need add the rules in Float tab.

    As image attached.


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