Captive Portal and Facebook Registration Plugin

  • Hi Guys,

    Hope you can provide and idea or help on my project. We need to implement PfSense Captive Portal without authentication.The clients only need to login to Facebook using the Facebook registration plugin and they can be granted access already to use the internet. So I did some research and these are the things I might need with:

    1. Facebook Registration Plugin
    2. Freeradius with Mysql Database
    3. Php Coding

    My problem is I don't know where to begin. Can anybody help me? I would really appreciate all help I can get.

  • Hi Guys,

    Since nobody shared an idea to my problem I will rephrase what I posted.

    I will implement CP without authentication, what I need to do is have an external web page that will ask clients to login their FB account then they will be forwarded back to the CP so they can access the internet. If they will not login their FB account they can't use the internet. Could this be possible?

    Hope to hear from you guys.

  • Easily possible, no. Anything is possible with custom development. That's not an easy or quick process though.

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