• Hello

    I've got a PFSense running on WRAP since one year, no problems at all. Now i like to switch to WLAN, i like to buy a
    Atheros WLAN Card: http://www.pcengines.ch/wlm54sag23.htm and build the WRAP as a access point.
    Are there some problems, should i better buy an external Access Point ?
    Is there a problem to connect the pigtail antenna to the case ? 
    Thanx for any answer…

  • The newer cases are prepared with a hole for the antenna so thee is no problem mounting the pigtail. The older cases have to be prepared manually (drilling a hole). With a WRAP you will get around 15-20 mbit/s with an atheros card from my tests. Also note that there are some features that pfSense doesn't support currently (like macadress filtering). Depending on the placement of the wrap (due to internetconnection) and area you want to cover with wireless a seperate ap might make more sense too. So it comes down to what you want to do with it and what features you need  ;)

  • I run a WRAP with an Atheros CM9 card as my primary AP. I have one of the older cases that doesn't have the pre-drilled hole so I had to drill holes in the case myself. Even with the new case, it only has one hole, so if you use two antennas like I do it'll require you drill a second hole into the case.

    I've been running this wireless setup with WPA for almost a year now, on an old version months prior to 1.0, and it's been flawless. I have never had a single issue with it, haven't upgraded it because I haven't had a reason to do so.

  • Sounds very nice. I've checked my case, got a new one with the drilled hole inside. For wich reason does it need the second antenna ?

  • You will have better results with 2 Antennas as you then can use diversity (having different antennas for transmit and receive). All minipci gear usually has connectors for 2 antennas.

  • I've been using pfSense on a WRAP as my primary AP for some time now, everything is fine - except for one thing: With the new version 1.2 BETA 1 i seem to get WLAN crashes every now and then (especially when playing WoW), then the wireless just disconnects and there seems to be no more WLAN network available until i take the WRAP off power and restart it. I can't remember having these problems with 1.0.1.
    I'm using a WRAP with 2 LAN and 2 miniPCI with a Wistrom CM9.


  • 1.2 runs a newer version of freebsd than 1.0.1 thus the driver is also a newer one. I guess there must be some bugs in it. I also have heard from these random wireless blackouts though I'm not personally affected by them yet.

  • Got now a Atheros WLM54AG Card and a antenne for my wrap, but i can't assign nothing at the webgui. What i have to do to get this thing working?

  • Go to Interfaces -> Assign and assign it as an OPT interface. Then go to Interfaces -> OPT, and configure it there.

  • Everything is working now, just forgot to upgrade the BIOS of the WRAP, runs like a charm now !

  • I do have the same chipset with the same problem. Can you please provide me, which bios version I sould take with a short howto upgrade?

    Thanks in advance
    Regards Chris

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