Is there a way to hide unfiltered interfaces from the firewall rules area?

  • I use this method of bridging wireless networks to wired networks:

    Here are screenshots of the relative portion of my setup:

    Is there a way I can hide OPT1 and WIFI from the firewall rules page?  Adding rules won't have any effect, so there's no reason to have them on that page, right?

  • They're still filtered, just not if the traffic is destined to the bridge. For instance if you have an IP assigned on one of the NICs, any traffic destined to that IP will be filtered. No way to hide them.

  • An alternative that was mentioned by Ermal would be to allow adding unassigned interfaces as bridge members.  Since unassigned interfaces don't show up in rules or all the other places, this would effectively hide them.  It would also make configuring easier for that type of bridge configuration than it currently is.  I posted a ticket for it recently so it doesn't get forgotten:

  • Thanks for the replies.  Now that I understand things a bit better I agree that hiding those tabs for assigned interfaces would not be a good idea.  I commented on Efonne's ticket and added screenshots for a sample configuration that would benefit from the improvement.

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