Recommended value for tcp.established timer

  • hi everyone !

    just some questions regarding firewall timers :

    1. what is the recommended value for tcp.established ?
          and what is the default-value in pfsense ?

    2. which tcp-flag(s) triggers the cleanup of the state ESTABLISHED:ESTABLISHED ?
          FIN ? RST ? or both ?

    many thanks for your support !

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    The default is the recommended value:

    : pfctl -st
    tcp.first                   120s
    tcp.opening                  30s
    tcp.established           86400s
    tcp.closing                 900s
    tcp.finwait                  45s
    tcp.closed                   90s
    tcp.tsdiff                   30s
    udp.first                    60s
    udp.single                   30s
    udp.multiple                 60s
    icmp.first                   20s
    icmp.error                   10s
    other.first                  60s
    other.single                 30s
    other.multiple               60s
    frag                         30s
    interval                     10s
    adaptive.start            27600 states
    adaptive.end              55200 states
    src.track                    60s

    You can change some of those timers by adjusting the firewall optimization mode under System > Advanced on the Firewall/NAT tab.

    IIRC both FIN and RST will tear down the connection, but that would be something you'd find in pf's documentation in OpenBSD.

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