DHCP on WAN, Virtual IP is getting assigned

  • dhcp on wan ist behaving a bit strange. after searching forum maybe some things can be narrowed down.

    according to this topic
    i also assume isp dhcp-server "problems" are possible cause like cmb is sure of.
    what i have noticed is that wan port gets one of the first defined Virtual IP's (mostly first, but also second)
    which are defined as IP aliases when no dhcp address can be obtained from isp dhcp server.
    so question would be if this is some sort of expected behaviour.

    since there has been a bug with mac spoofing and dhcp which should be solved by now, i
    wonder if we can consider wan-dhcp to be stable and shift troubles to isp dhcp server.

    dhcp renewal:
    shouldn't the dhcp client on wan send it's renewal request before the actual lease time-out.
    also if the dhcp server of the initial lease doesn't answer renewal equest, should a new
    broadcast request be send?

    i only watched standard system logs for ths, so maybe this is all done already…

    also there have been questions on the use of the field "alias ip address" on wan-dhcp interface.
    it seemed that entering an expected dhcp-ip in this field prevented the system from assigning
    one of the defined virtual-ip to the wan iface. makes sense if it get its "own" alias ip than one
    of the other defined alias ip's

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