Brocade switch - Transparent firewall - filtering traffic to VLANs

  • Hi,

    My goal is to limit IP address access on VLANs on my switch. Basically, I will have a few servers separated into VLANs, and I want to restrict each VLAN to a certain number of IP addresses. I'm not using NAT–all of the IPs are public.

    My regular servers are on VLAN 16. I have a server on VLAN 18. My pfSense installation is on a KVM with one interface in VLAN 16 and another on VLAN 18 (as a tagged port).

    I'm trying to go through the tutorial(s) but since I'm not a networking pro by any means, I'm a bit confused.

    My pfSense installation's WAN IP is The server on VLAN 18 is How would the traffic move through the pfSense port on VLAN 18? Do I need to set the gateway on the server to

    Thanks in advance

  • They look like they are on the same subnet, so, traffic will not route to the firewall. If you want to filter the traffic, I would suggest going with a filtering bridge setup. I think this is described in the book and there are probably some resources in the forums and doc site for pfsense.

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