Captive Portal, Freeradius & Activedirectry or LDAP

  • Can anyone please tell me the step by step to integrate Freeradiuse to authenticate users from Window Active directory?

    I have Successfully Setup:

    1- Captive portal & FreeRadius.
    2-  Local PFsesnce Users can Login & authenticate from Captive-portal.

    BUT I really want is to Authenticate AD users!!!

    Also WAN to Pfsense come my corporate VLAN10 & I would like to make the out going LAN to be in same VLAN!

    **So in short How can I do these:

    Captive Portal Authenticate against My Windows Domain AD & LAN to be as same VLAN as WAN…?**

    Thank in advance, Please Help me on this!  :)

  • Please Send Me a Replay If you know… Thnaks :D

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    You do not want or need FreeRADIUS in there if you want to authenticate against AD.

    You can enable RADIUS on your AD server by using IAS or NPS (depending on your version), then point pfSense at your AD server for the RADIUS server and it works.

    There are howto's around the web for setting that up.

  • Thank a lot….I succeeded as you said...God bless u..