Virtual IPs and VoIP problems

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    We have two WANs and a branch office. In the branch office we have a Linksys PAP box with two lines that extend our VoIP system there.

    In pfsense we have created rules that we allow SIP and RTP for both our WANs, but it is working only from one.

    The differences between the 2 WANs are:

    1. For the IP of the branch office we have created also a rule that permits communication to our ERP system.
    2. In WAN1 we are using a Virtual IP (one of the public block of the ISP set in Firewall - Virtual IPs.

    Here are images:

    Here is the rule that permits access to ERP only from the branch office IP:

    Here are the rules that permits access to SIP and voice for both WANs. WAN2 is working, WAN1 is not. SIP Registration is sometime successful, and then we can call from hq to branch, but they cannot hear us:

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  • I would setup an outbound NAT rule from your Linksys PAP2 device using static port

    WAN * * * * * YES    VoIP Server

    This should help with registration issues, I would make sure that your RTP port range on the linksys is setup to only use between  10000 - 20000, login to your PAP2 goto admin -> SIP and check RTP Port Min / RTP Port Max. Also enable logging on your two firwall rules to see if pfSense is blocking any of the packets.

    because your linksys will register to your VoIP server what is your outbound firewall rules?

    The reason I ask I believe it will only work from one WAN at anyone time and the second WAN will only work during a WAN failure.

  • Thank you.

    The PAP box is not in the same network with the server. The registration is being made through the WAN address (in the Proxy of the PAP box). The thing is, when we use the WAN2 address as Proxy in the PAP box the registration is solid and voice is OK, when we use the WAN1 is not.

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