Wireless interface for WiFi AP

  • Hi

    I've just set up my first pfSense and I was hoping to use an external Ubiquiti unifi as my AP. All the interfaces on the box are showing as 'em' interfaces, how would I go about creating a wireless interface?



  • You don't. The wireless interface is for using pfSense to create a wireless access point. Create a LAN-type interface, and connect your UniFi APs and UniFi management station to that interface through a switch.

    P.S. I don't mean this to be rude but rather simply advice - to be honest, I think you made a huge mistake choosing UniFi based on the level of knowledge shown in your post. Why did you choose UniFi? It's a managed AP system requiring a separate controller computer and substantial networking knowledge. If you just wanted ceiling-mount smoke detector APs, EnGenius makes some good ones that are just standalone AP's.