Single IP blocked, can't unblock?

  • I've have a machine which cannot get internet access when connected on a particular ip address, change the ip and it all works fine. There are no block rules and all other ip on the same subnet work fine. This machine gets no ping replies from pfsense but all other ip get a response. I don't see anything logged on the firewall when this machine tries to connect. This machine has no other problems on the internal lan and can access and share resources, it just seems that the pfsense box is blocking this ip for any outgoing traffic, even though there is a rule that allows all lan traffic full outbound access.

    Any help on where to start looking would be appreciated. I presume there are may be rules which are not shown on the web gui?


  • Sounds like an IP conflict on the IP that doesn't work. Check Diag>ARP to see what shows on that IP, suspect you'll find it's not the MAC of that device you're trying.

  • Neither the ip or mac for this particular machine were showing in the arp table on the pfsense box. When changed to another ip this machine showed in the table correctly, ip changed back and no entries in the table for the problem ip. I reset and restored the config and had the same problem. There is definately no duplicate ip on the network.

    I reset pfsense back to default and reconfigured it from scratch and it all works fine now. No idea what the issue was but it appeared some part of the config was corrupt or not being applied as it should.


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