Firewall Rules Tutorial Available

  • I had nothing but problems with the Pfsense rules feature.  Is there a decent tutorial out there?  The Pfsense website does not have nearly enough info.

    Here are my actual problems:

    1.  I set up a single IP address block on the lan to block at night.  It only works if the computer in question is not already online.  The schedule does not kick in unless we shut off the Internet Explorer and restart.

    2.  No matter what I do, I can't block ouotbound traffic - I am trying to block all internet access at night as well.  I've set rules on the Wan interface and the Lan interface.  Tried moving them to the top.  Tried setting the Source/Destination to any/any and Wan Subnet Lan subnet, etc….  Nothing works.

    Also - I had a really hard time getting my Opt1 interface to be blocked from Lan.  Why is there not more info on this on the Pfsense website.  I'd admit it if I was just slow, but for the life of me I can't find any decent info on this.  They seem to always leave out the details.

    Please help



  • There's lots of documentation linked from the pfSense site. There's also no shortage of information found in this forum.

    1. I suspect that existing sessions aren't affected since they're in the state table

    2. Rules (as explained in the documentation) apply to the interface the packets arrive on and run in order top to bottom. To block LAN to WAN traffic you have to ensure that the rules are on the LAN interface and above any rules that allow traffic. If you're having problems then post a screenshot of the rules page and a detailed description of the problem.

    3. To OPT1 from LAN or from OPT1 to LAN?

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