Dspam proxy package. (lets gang up on this one)

  • i would find it extremely useful to have an antispam proxy package.  from previous research, dspam had a package that worked at one point, and the configuration does not seem too difficult.  i will post $100 for dspam.  who else will help out with raising enough to make this worthwhile?  i am tired spending client $$$ to support symantec etc.

  • there is a working DSPAM package in pfSense HEAD. A backport to RELENG is in the works and I think its partially funded IMHO. Regarding CARP sync of DSPAM config settings I could use some test hardware to test syncing from from a CARP master to a CARP client. Regarding hardware I have to make the statement that USD $100 won't be appropriate.

    So I would like to encourage others to contribute as well.

    One final note: Without a detailed spec of your requirements this bounty is going nowhere!

    p.s. 50% of this bounty has to be payed up-front.

    Daniel S. Haischt

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