VMWare: linux host, pfsense as guest VM, two physical NICs - forwarding problem

  • Hi,
    I'm trying pfsense (1.2-BETA-1 now) under VMWare Server 1.0.2 before installing it on real hardware. Everything works fine until I want to access WAN from local net. Port forwarding from WAN to local machine is not working too.

    eth0: local net
    eth1: up without IP, connected to adsl router

    le0: static, bridged to eth0 on guest
    le1: bridged to eth1 on guest, PPPOE

    When I connect to ISP, I get IP, DNS addresses and I can even surf the web through the pfsense proxy. But I cannot connect directly from local net machine to anything on the Internet. Trying telnet to ports 80, 25, 110, ping, nothing works. Even the host machine has the same problem.
    Port forwarding from WAN to localnet is not OK, my SMTP server on host machine stays untouched when I try to send him something from the outside, firewall and NAT rules are correctly set (I hope).
    I tried to enable all in firewall, to disable traffic shaping and proxy, to set ip_forward to 1 on host machine (though I think it has nothing to do with the guest VM), no help

    I have to miss something, but what ???


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