Vmware + wireless card

  • Hi,

    I'm actually on a Firewall project with a wireless WAN interface. I want to connect my Wan interface to my ADSL modem/acces point. I know how to do on a real machine but in my case I want to use pfsense on Vmware on a win2003 host.

    My Lan interface (D-link ethernet Gigabit) is configured and work find in bridge mod but with my wifi card (trendnet 403-PI) it doesn't work. It's kown as a generic AMD ethernet card and don't allow me to connect to the AP.

    I read that on vmware documentation :

    The NAT (network address translation) device allows you to connect
    your virtual machines to an external network when you have only one IP network address on the physical network, and that address is used by the host computer. You can, for example, use NAT to connect your virtual machines to the Internet through a dial-up connection on the host computer or through the host computer’s Ethernet adapter or wireless Ethernet adapter.

    The Nat configuration seems to be the solution but I don't understand how to configure it to make my physical wirelles car NATed with my virtuel interface. Please help me because I found no clear documentation on it.

  • Have a look at http://pfsense.org/mirror.php?section=/tutorials/vmware_install/vmware.html , maybe that helps getting you started.

  • Thanks for your response but I already know this tuto and it's only about VM with bridged interface, not NAT. This tuto isn't about wireless card configuration.

    Does anyone else have an idea on this problem? I searched many hours for documentation about that without founding any clear explications.

  • I have never been able to get it work work on meny different configs

  • @freetomfr:

    Thanks for your response but I already know this tuto and it's only about VM with bridged interface, not NAT.

    Are you running on Windoze or Linux?

  • Sorry, silly me, you said win2003.  It will be easier not to use NAT (which will just giove you a whole new layer of problems.

    If yo uset up a new VMWare network, you can bridge it to the wireless NIC in the VMWare Host Virtual Network Mapping screen.  Your VM should then pick up an address through DHCP if you want it to, or configure by hand if it won't.

    You need windoze to be able to pick up and use the wireless card first of course.  Can you run the host machine over WiFi?

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