$50 - More Flexible Alias'

  • Hello Everyone,

    I'd like to throw $50 out to get the Alias function of pfSense more flexible.

    I'd like to be able to have nested Alias'


    Alias WebServer1 <ip>Alias WebServer2 <ip>Alias MailServer1 <ip>Alias MailServer2 <ip>Alias DBServer1 <ip>Alias DBServer2 <ip>Alias Servers <webserver1, webserver2,="" mailserver1,="" mailserver2,="" dbserver1,="" dbserver2="">Alias WebServers <webserver1, webserver2="">Alias MailServers <mailserver1, etc.="">Hopefully you get the idea now, i want to be able to create groups of alias' and to be able to create rules for those groups.

    So lets say i want port 22 for all of my servers, for the FW rules i could just open port 22 to the alias "Servers" rather than open 22 for each and every server.

    Make Sense? Did i lose anyone?</mailserver1,></webserver1,></webserver1,></ip></ip></ip></ip></ip></ip>

  • Makes sense. I believe that feature's already in HEAD, so it'll be in a future release (after 1.2).

  • Ahh great, is there an ETA for the next release?

  • Seth is working on that currently.

  • afaik no such thing exists yet. Nor in head.

    I am pondering the concept. I am running into similar readability constraints.

    Currently saving for a embbeded system I can develop on. And everything helps.

  • I remember Scott talking about it, I guess he was just talking about the potential of doing so, not that it had been done.

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