• Change settings of 'pfSense package manager' and 'pkg_config.xml' via gui.
    You must have installed local 'xmlrpc server'

    Put this file to '/usr/local/www' and navigate 'http://YOU_pfsense/alt_pkg.php'
    After 'installation' you view this package in 'Services' menu and will be able to setup standart/local/alternative 'xmlrpc server' address. For local - possile changing 'pkg_config.xml' file

  • Easy way way of the testing package..

    1. download 'http://diskatel.narod.ru/pfSense/alt_pkg.php'
    2. put him to you '/usr/local/www' catalog
    3. In brouser enter address 'http://youpfsense/alt_pkg.php'
    4. On opened page click 'Install' button
    5. After installation You will can manage Package source

    • pfSense standart
    • local
    • other
      And also you can update local 'pkg_config.xml' file for testing packages, who not in official list

  • This might be a useful item to include in base.

    Please email me and lets setup a commit bit for you so you can manage your packages and this infrastructure.

  • Please eliminate the bugs in alt_pkg.php first. I am getting a foreach() error on line 168 on a 1.3 pfSense system.

    The installation does not succeed as well. I think pfSense.tar.gz, which will be loaded from the internet isn't a valid
    archive which leads to an error.

    Daniel S. Haischt

  • Where you take 1.3 pfSense system? I want toooooo  :o
    ps Thanks i check this

  • Update file with fix
    Try now (download new file)

  • @dvserg:

    Update file with fix
    Try now (download new file)

    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /usr/local/www/alt_pkg.php on line 219
    ERROR: File not uploaded. ERROR: File /tmp/pfSense.tar.gz not found.

  • Ааааа sorry - has forgotten to correct address

  • Small instruction with pictures

  • First i like this idea…. But i can't install it  ::)

  • I'm in panic  :'(
    Can you upload and test http://diskatel.narod.ru/pfSense/pfSense.tar.gz archive?

    Also check present /tmp/pfSense.tar.gz file ?  May be upload bad?

  • are getting downloaded and unpacked

  • @Perry:

    are getting downloaded and unpacked


  • I change .gz to .tbz file exstension

    Can You test now?
    Only need upload new alt_pkg.php file and delete "/usr/loca/www/pfSense" catalogie

    I success testing on clean pfSense sistem.

  • Thank to the author !!!
    It s very good script !

    I have corrected some details …

  • Sorry for this, but I've installed and got Alt Package. It worked nicely. Then I choose Services -> Alt Package. Choose "Local 'XML Base URL' (", press Define button; now I have done in two different ways, without success:

    1. I download http://diskatel.narod.ru/pfSense/packages/pkg_config.xml, copy it's contents to clipboard, paste it's contents in "Change local 'pkg_config.xml'" area; them press save; them go to System, Package, and the system holds some seconds and them says "Unable to retrieve package info from Cached data will be used.". This way it uses a cache file without showing me any possibility of installing squidguard.

    2. as I notice that the above proceed saves the pkg_config.xml content to /usr/local/www/packages/, so I went to a ssh session, and downloaded the desired pkg_config.xml file, using wget, unto that directory.
      then I back to frontend, Services -> Alt Package, choose "local 'xml base url (", press define button, then System, Package, and again it holds some seconds and shows me the same: "Unable to retrieve package info from Cached data will be used.".

    Am I doing something wrong?

    thanks again and sorry for this  ;D

  • Need download pkg_config.xml as file. If you use browser for viewing(and paste-copy) content of this file - you have additional symbols (+/-), what broke XML structure.