OpenVPN route deleted when assigning interfaces

  • Hi,

    I noticed that, whenever I assign an interface to a network port, my OpenVPN route gets deleted. All VPN client connections are unable to access anything anymore until i manually restart the openvpn service through pfsense, which adds the route again. Any idea what this could be? Anyone experienced the same thing?

    A diff between before and after shows this:

    -        UGS        0  4085384 ovpns1

    Thanks in advance!

  • does the problem occur even if you do not enable the interface ? Or does it occur when you enable the interface and assign an ip/dhcp/..?

    i've personally never noticed this before … but i've only added vlan interfaces when having ovpn's online ...

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    That is expected the first time you assign an interface. It hasn't really been dug into because (a) assigning vpn interfaces isn't really necessary these days, so it happens rarely, and (b) it only happens the single time when assigning, and restarting the vpn fixes it.

  • Actually i'm just adding a new interface to a VLAN i just created before that. Nothing to do with the VPN server itself. If i have a VLAN per customer for example, every time I add a new customer VLAN, the route will be gone and i will have to restart the openvpn service. I guess that can't be normal? :)

  • Going to Interfaces -> assign, then deleting for example 'VLAN 123 on lagg0', then saving doesnt delete the route and openvpn is still working.

    Re-adding the same vlan to the interface removes the route and needs an openvpn restart.

  • Surely I can't be the only one experiencing this.. :)
    My guess is that it's a configuration issue?

    Anyone has any ideas what could make my openvpn route disappear?

  • no clue … i've added tons of vlans while maintaining an openvpn connection without such issues

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