Help-No internet no inbound Email when I 1:1 NAT to email servers

  • Hi,

    All day I've been killed by this.


    Walked into a sh*t storm.
    running pf 2.01
    Suddenly Exchange server couldn't go on internet-(no email of course)
    After hours of looking at everying I noticed when I deleted my 1:1 mapping the Exchange server got on the internet and outbound email flowed.
    As soon as I recreated my 1:1 mapping bam, no email-no internet.

    I'm at a loss.

    Any help appreciated.

  • Just to clarify. This happend "suddenly" I have not changed or added any rules or anything else on the pfsense.
    Current state is that I delete the 1:1 NAT. Outbound is working but not inbound.

  • Solved:

    I deleted all the rules/NATs/Virtual IPs and recreated them. Still don't know how that came to be.

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