Help needed installing pfSense on ProxMox server

  • Hello everyone!!

    I have finally decided to install ProxMox on my box. By now, i just want to have pfSense and CentOS virtualized on the box.
    pfSense will be running as firewall obviously, plus DHCP / NAT (it will act as a router).
    CentOS will be running apache, bittorrent, and some extra applications.

    I want pfsense to be directly connected to the internet (one of the NICs, eth0, will be connected to the modem). And Centos to have a private IP address leased by the pfsense's DHCP server.
    Also, i want the eth1 to be the internal network NIC. it will be connected to a switch and the hosts connected to that switch will get their IP addresses through DHCP (pfsense server).

    I made a little schema of what i want to accomplish. I hope its understandable:

    The problem is that i have NO idea of how to configure proxmox.
    Could you help me?  :D

  • Hi,

    i have 100% your shema (and more ;-) here running. You must configure the two bridges in proxmox. One for the DMZ and one for the internal network.

    Here is an example from my /etc/network/interfaces

    ## this is for the internal network
    auto vmbr0
    iface vmbr0 inet static
            bridge_ports eth0
            bridge_stp on
            bridge_fd 0
    ## this is for the DMZ - Pfsense
    auto vmbr10
    iface vmbr10 inet manual
            bridge_ports eth1
            bridge_stp off
            bridge_fd 0

    Now create the cenos and assign one network interface to vmbr0
    Create the pfsense machine an assign to network interface to it. One to vmbr0 and the dmz/modem to the vmbr10


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