OpenVPN connection NO access to LAN network

  • Hi guys I have read almost all of the treads in the forum but still can’t get where I’m making a mistake with the setup of the VPN connection…
    I have a deadline to meet and I was wondering if anyone could help me out.

    The setup I have Is a pFsense box, connected to the LAN port is a Ubuntu server. The WAN port is connected straight to the internet.

    I have tried the RoadWarrior example and I get a connection thru the VPN and can access the pFsense webConfigurator.
    But when I try to SSH the server on the LAN I get a message that tells me that the host is unreachable.

    My LAN IP is the default
    I have given the server a static IP which is
    My WAN IP is static and I entered 2 DNS servers provided from my internet provider.

    My VPN configuration is as follows:
    WAN, UDP, 1194, TLS checked, TLS key checked,
    Tunnel Network:
    Local Network:
    Concurrent Connections: 2
    LZO checked
    And takes on default settings after that point!

    Please tell me what I have to do from this point on, so that I can SSH the server from a VPN client on another network.

    thanks in advance!

  • from remote:
    are you able to ping ?
    are you sure the firewall rules on the pfsense don't block ?
    are you are able to ping but not ?

    on ubuntu:
    did you set the gateway to when setting the static ip of ? Without the pfsense set as default gateway on the ubuntu, routing will fail.
    to check login as root and type 'route' … it should output all configured routes. the "default" one should point to the pfsense

    kind regards

  • thank you for the reply!

    from remote:

    i am able to ping but not when i ssh i get my pfsense. when try to ssh i get host is unreachable.

    i have the default firewall rules created by the OpenVPN wizard. The outbound NAT rules are set to auto. Do i need to modify the Firewall or NAT in some way?

    on ubuntu:

    the default gateway is pfsense. the output of 'route' is:

    Kernel IP routing table
    Destination    Gateway            Genmask        Flags Metric Ref    Use Iface
    default            pfSense.localdo              UG    100    0        0    eth0
    link-local        *                    U      1000  0        0    eth0    *                U      0        0        0    vmnet8  *                U      0        0        0    vmnet1    *                U      0        0        0    eth0

    do i need to make any adjustments to the routing table?

    thanks again!!

  • as far as i know you don't need to change any NAT rules …. perhaps you should check your firewall rules.

    could some screenshots of openvpn/firewall/nat/routing table ?

    also find out whats in the routing table of the roadwarrior

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