Redundant CARP servers with Captive portal Database synchronization

  • I have 2 Captive portal appliances configured with CARP. The clients when they connect simply click "Agree" or "Disagree" and get added to the Captive portal  table in the Status tab. I am also running DHCP failover so the leases get synced over to the secondary appliance without issues. I have noticed that when a failover occurs all clients are required to accept the agreement again on the 2nd server. The clients that have agreed on the primary server do not show up under the Captive Portal Status tab of the second server.  Is CARP supposed to sync the portal authentications to the peer specified in the CARP settings?  If not, is there a way to copy the passed authentications over to the secondary server ? Maybe by copying a file over?  I am not familiar with where the database that stores the passed authentications is located or if its possible to configure PFSense to use and external database for this information. Any ideas, suggestions, help would be appreciated.

  • Portal authentications do not sync at this time.

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