PfSense Bogon list for use in pfBlocker

  • Hello pfSense,

    I wanted to be able to move the Bogon list beneath my enable DHCP for my transparent bridge firewall, but by default you cannot move the bogon list. To be clear, when I say "pfSense Bogon list" I'm talking about the firewall rule that gets enabled when you tick the "Block Bogons" box from the interface menu. As a work-around, I tried enabling the iBlocklist bogon list, but this ended up blocking and evernote sync. I never had this problem with the pfSense list and I have heard that the pfSense bogon list is mostly static. Would it be possible to provide a text file version of this list?

    Thank you for your time,

    P.S. While waiting for an answer, I am going to try the TBG list. (Did not work. Blocked Google… Seriously)

  • Can you see bogons list on diagnostics -> tables?

  • I can! Thank you marcelloc! I always wondered what that sub-menu was for… :-)

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