Schedule Logic too Difficult for me

  • what i want to setup is so that

    7:00am - 19:00pm mon-fri use failover
    0:00am - 7:00am mon-sun block
    19:00pm - 23:59pm mon-sun block
    7:00am - 19:00pm sat-sun use single gateway

    so seeing as schedule logic works as
    pass turn into block
    instead of pass just being ignored and then looking at next rule

    so i have given it a lot of thought and i am stumped i just cant figure out how i can setup the above mentioned gateway usage using current scheduling logic

    i understand i will need 4 rules

    1 blocking nights
    1 disabled blocking sat-sun days
    1 allowing failover mon-tue
    1 allowing single gateway sat sun

    i can for the life of me not figure out the order those 4 must be in

    please help

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