Pfsense and 3CX Tunnel

  • Hi,
    I've configured my PFsense box, but I have a problem connecting from outside to my 3CX phone system.
    3CX Tunnel is a way to connect from external avoiding NAT, keep alive and other problems, you have only to open an incoming port and from external (with a password) they can connect.
    With previous DDWRT router all works fine, but now seems that PFSense is blocking something.. In firewall log I can see:
    PASS: Jun 10 10:54:29         LAN   78.134.y.y:56699   3CXInternalIP:39150 TCP:S
    BLOCK: Jun 10 10:54:35 WAN   78.134.y.y:443   MyWanAddress:56430 TCP:FA
    BLOCK: Jun 10 10:54:45 WAN   78.134.y.y:443   MyWanAddress:56433 TCP:FA

    Can you help me?

  • For whic one is intereseted, I solved the problem using the static port mapping translation for the specified port of 3CX.

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