Transmit Power

  • Does anyone know what units this is in? Is it dBm, mW, %? I am having lots of issues with my pfSense crashing (and/or box overheating and restarting, I think, I know it restarts itself I've assumed it's an overheating problem) ever since I switched to using a wireless USB for my primary wireless instead of just an alternate guest network. I was curious if it was because I just left the default of 99 in the transmit power section.

    Does anyone know if there are any USB N wireless adapters that are compatible with pfSense 2.1??


  • Generally (or possibly always?) this setting does nothing at its default value of 99.  The system rejects values that are higher than a set value (determined by the driver) and 99 is way over that in the cases I've seen.

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