Two route added by openvpn

  • Hi,

    I'm trying make a vpn between nomad client (under windows) and our company.
    We have install pfsense on a vmware host.
    Web have configuring openvpn on pfsense with the OpenVPN tap Bridging.
    The clients can connect on the vpn but they can't ping the local network.

    When I type "route print" on connected client we have two routes added by openvpn :

    Destination réseau    Masque réseau  Adr. passerelle   Adr. interface Métrique
           On-link    286

    The first line is false. The second is ok.
    When I type "route delete" then I type "route add mask IF 30" it work perfectly.

    How I can configure this automaticaly for all clients ?


    Best regards


  • you probably have a problem with your openvpn server configuration …. otherwise the correct routes should be added automagically

  • Look at the server configuration

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