LAN connection problem after reboot.

  • I have recently encountered a strange problem with my OpenVPN server. I had to disconnect the server in order to move to a new spot on the sever rack. After it rebooted the users can connect to it, but are now unable to access the LAN. None of the setting on the server were changed in any way. Up until this point everything ran just fine. Anybody experience a similar problem after rebooting a server? I'm running out of ideas on how to fix this. Would greatly appreciate any help.

  • I tried to narrow down where there seems to be a problem. It appears that traffic coming from the client to the sever goes through the OpenVPN server without any problem, but for some reason it doesn't get past the OpenVPN sever when getting back to the client  ???

  • It is now working again  ;D The problem was that one of the routes did not survive the reboot.

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