Sorry, Another Bridge Question.

  • Hi Guys,

    I'd like to setup a transparent bridge over the internet linking extending my VOIP vlan to another location, passing DHCP.

    Is this possible?


  • No takers?

    We have a DSL link in bridge mode from local ISP linking two locations.

    Traffic and DHCP passes for normal network traffic on the network. Link is a trunk and vlan is tagged thru the trunk and then untagged at destination port.
    I can get a IP address, but no VOIP boot traffic passes. Cannot surf the internet using normal port 80. When ssl port 445 is used, site will come up.

    Does this suggest the ISP is somehow blocking the traffic on this VLAN / Network, or could it be the MTU needs adjusting?

    thanks, Jits

  • Can you please draw a topology of what you're having over there

  • Are you sure you can trunk two different VLANs through the DSL link?
    Does your network provider give you two VCs Virtual Circuits on your DSL link ?
    I supose you could do it with two different DSL links but only with one I don't know how can you possibly do that….


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