Captive portal voucher disconnection problem

  • Good day everyone,
    can anyone help me with the voucher authentication as well as username and password.

    when i logged in using a voucher code, it connects, but when i try to use the same voucher code to other computer,it connects but the first pc that used the voucher code got disconnected.  :(

    as far as i know it should be saying invalid vouched code.

    i did not set the concurrent loggin connection.

    what do i need to check?

    thanks in advance. ;D

  • This is the way it works when "Concurrent connections" is enabled.
    If you disable this option - then there could be more than one connection with the same voucher.

  • is there a way that if some people try to use the same voucher code there will be a message that say

    the voucher is invalid. (because someone is using it)

    i'm just using local user management.

    i've already tried to disable concurrent connections but still it got disconnected.

    should i restart my pfsense box for the settings to take effect?

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