GRE over OpenVPN for VLAN Site to Site

  • Question for this OpenVPN fans.
    I currently have a openvpn tunnel setup from site to site from the headquarters. However, I wanted to start routing vlan traffic from one point to another. After a little review it sounds like GRE over OpenVPN may be my best option. Using multiple GRE tunnels, one for each VLAN over my already established OpenVPN tunnel. Although most of the reading I am seeing is done with GRE over ipsec.

    Headquarters ( ->  ovpn ( -> Site 1 (

    Headquarters (

    • ovpn (
      (GRE VLAN 10) / (GRE VLAN 20) / (GRE VLAN 30)
      -> Site 1 (

    Has anyone tried this? Any tips or pointers for setting this up? Any huge issues with this plan?

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