Block all ports leave only the "basic needs" Because of P2P

  • Hi i have a Box with 2 nics (LAn,WAN-PPPOe )
    I would like to close all ports on the firewall and leave only the ports for http(s),Messenger,ftp.(because of p2p,)
    I can disable the default rule on the LAN and set every thing by hand,in this case do i have to create the same rules on the WAN interface ?
    Or is there a better way to do this ?

    PS: i have snort running (once again because of P2P) and Captive Portal

  • you enter rules on the interface the traffic originates. So to allow/deny traffic initiated from your LAN to the Internet, use LAN rules. To allow/deny inbound traffic initiated from the Internet, use WAN rules.

  • Thanks what i was thinking.
    I having a bit of problem enabling msn video conference ports i looked around and found they are dinamyc and Microsoft recomends a huge port range.

    The actual Real-time Transport Protocol (RTP) streams are sent using dynamically allocated UDP ports in the range of 5004–65535. Without a way to open these UDP ports on any firewall in the path dynamically, the streams fail to reach their destination.


    It was better to say leave every thing open :P

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