• Hi,
    i am new in pfsense and i need some help to configure a dmz.
    I have 3 lan cards, one for wan one for lan and one for dmz.
    Can i have a simple how to about how i can configure the settings for this?
    The server in the dmz can have public internet ips.

  • Use the present documentation to get everything going, 'kickstarted' if u will using the wizard. The same documentation tells u that u have to activate your opt1_=3rd nic=dmz_. Some basic understanding of IP (as in ip/tcp) is needed. Adjust the firewall rules as needed, along with the other packages/services options. It is pretty straightforward. But as I already said: it is required that you understand the basics of computer networking. If not: read (all) documentations of pfsense etc, along with your topic of interest at Wikipedia. (It has serious quality information).
    By the way: what are the benefits of having a firewall, when u redirect everything straight to your dmz(-servers)? I shouldn't do this!