Widget Firewall Logs IPv6 Address Length Looming Issue

  • There is a looming issue with the Firewall Logs Widget due to length of IPv6 addresses.  Many of them will just not fit in the available space of a single line.  Pretty much need an entire line for source and destination ipv6 address.  And even that may not fit the longest possible ipv6 address.  Hopefully most ipv6 addresses will be shortened.

    What would you all think of two rows per entry?  Something like this perhaps.  I know it look uglier, but how else to fit ipv6 addresses?

    Port = Dst Port

    ![IPv6 - Qty 6 - Filters (None).Censored.png](/public/imported_attachments/1/IPv6 - Qty 6 - Filters (None).Censored.png)
    ![IPv6 - Qty 6 - Filters (None).Censored.png_thumb](/public/imported_attachments/1/IPv6 - Qty 6 - Filters (None).Censored.png_thumb)

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