Captive portal Firewall

  • Hi, Is there a way i can turn off captive portal firewall ?, whenever im on captive portal i cannot ping external sites. On my firewall rules I have already allowed any-any . is there a work around here, it seems like whenever a users login/or used pass through mac on captive portal the only allowed ports is 80


  • Which version of pfsense are you using? (1.2.3, 2.0.x or 2.1)

    Anyway, the behavior you're describing is strange. Are you running any other software on that system, like squid?

    CP uses two packet filters (pf and ipfw) and in my experience the best way to troubleshoot CP problems is to examine their rulesets.

  • I have something similar happening to me, everytime i try to login to FaceBook, the connection get refused…..i allowed the https port too but nothing to do (using Squid).

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