Include XML code in HTTP request for WISPr compliance

  • Hi all,
    I'm realizing an hot spot with captive portal + radius and, in order to allow access to roaming partners, I need to include the following XML code



    in HTTP request.
    Roaming partner client (having stored the right credentials) has to bypass the login page and access Internet but without including XML code this operation is not possible.
    How can I do?

    Thanx in advance for your support</wispaccessgatewayparam<br>

  • This means adding a new feature to CP.
    For this you have to look at the code of CP depending on the version you are doing this.

  • It was a few years back, but Jonathan and I spent a BUNCH of time making the m0n0wall implementation of CP wispr compliant.  And to my knowledge, no one broke anything in the series of ports since. :)  (Of course, they could have changed wispr a bit since then.)  Now some of the features are passed by the html of your login page…  How are you doing yours and what is failing?

  • Thanx for your reply.
    Sincerely I don't have idea about to solve my problem.
    The scenario is:

    • user (roaming partner of the company that offers wireless services) launch a client on his pc. This client has stored the right credentials and bypass the login page of pfsense captive portal offering direct access to Internet
    • In order to work is necessary that the config xml file that I've posted is sent during the POST

    Some ideas?

  • guus77 the only way is to extend CP to handle this.
    Only development will make that work.

  • Thanx for your help.
    Do you have any idea about how I can modify the source code?

  • @guus77:

    Do you have any idea about how I can modify the source code?

    guus, with all due respect, if you have to ask this, then you should consider subcontracting this feature to the pfSense core developers, who are intimately familiar with the CP code. Especially if you want to use this feature in a production setup, not just for testing.

  • I would need to see some other working code, but you might be able to put that in your login page html and still have it work.  Ping me directly if I loose track of this again. :)

  • You are saying that there is a chance to obtain this wispr compliance without asking help to pfsense developers? If yes do you have a suggest for me?

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