Openvpn routing problems with clients

  • Hello Guys,

    Next I'm changing and I'm pro pfsense probs with the following:

    I use openvpn on my network to the network of my clients and I am trying to do this in tbm pfsense.

    A = setup openvpn ok! jah can make the client connect to the vpn and get an ip.

    The problem:

    I draw first how the net today, and how he wanted it to be in pfsense.

    my network
    network customer 172.16.xx.xxxx
    of network vpn

    my network all ips access

    programs that use (zebra, openvpn iptables firewall, Centos 6.2)

    I tried to force the routes on hand and it's a mistake all crazy.

    estination Gateway Flags Refs Use Netif Exhale
    GVT-l0.b9.bsa.gvt default. UGS 0 26997 pppoe0 & 0x43d7418 UGS 0 0 ovpns1

    I did the installation of the quagga packages pfesense using it soh q tbm can not ride the routes

    like if I can make the route through some command I could put together a script and run it so that pfsense climb etc … ovpns1

    someone uses openvpn that way or have any idea q can give me the ropes?



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