Client Export & Shared Key Export 404

  • Hey everyone,

    I recently restored the .xml for my config onto a small NetGate box instead of a big honkin' IP3 box that was loud as hell. Everything seems to work fine except for my OpenVPN TAP interface, and the Shred Key Export & Client Export functions.

    When I try to go to Client Export, or Shred Key Export it 404's.  I feel like the TAP interface itself could have just been a problem with me not choosing the correct interface when I loaded the image, but I'm unsure.   Any Ideas on how to correct the problem?


    EDIT:  I also have a Tun VPN that gets me Site to Site to my office and that works 100%  It's just the TAP that isn't working as well as the Client Export, and Shared Kay Export functions.

  • Did you install the OpenVPN Client Export Utility package?
    That would be an easy explanation for the client export pages not being found.
    I'm guessing that, after you restored the config from your previous box, you had to mess about assigning interfaces to the appropriate device names on the NetGate. In that case, the initial boot with the restored config probably could not see the internet and so could not auto-install the various packages referred to in the config.

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