Pfsense with openvpn under KVM

  • Hey guys, here's a little back story. I'm an American that just moved to China for work, and we all know about the Great Chinese Firewall. So I was looking to get a VPN service to get around that, but then I thought, why don't I just rent a cheap KVM for like $20/30 yr, install pfsense on it and run OpenVPN on that. It'll be way cheaper per year and then my friends can share the VM too. Now I'm a Linux guy and IT is not my main profession, and not too familiar with VM's and pfsense.

    So far I can get gather pfsense can't run under OpenVZ, it has to be KVM/Xen/VMware. The cheapest boxes I could find other than openvz were kvm boxes, so I guess I'll go with that.

    Can this kind of set up work? Would pfsense install "out of the box" under KVM and have everything working? I've been searching so far and it seems like there are problems with the virt drivers? Please advise if you can!

  • I am running pfSense in a product called ProxMox which uses KVM for virtualization. I've been able to use all of the functionality that I've tested thus far, which includes OpenVPN setups. But do bear in mind that I have full access to all everything in my setup. I can't imagine that you would run in to any trouble, but it's worth keeping in mind the possibility that the hosting company may limit something that would prevent this from working. So make sure you know how to make a fully functional OpenVPN setup before you pay for hosting. It would suck to spend a boat load of time troubleshooting, only to find out that you're limited by the host.

  • Cool! Did you have to install pfsense youself or did the product come with? I'm most concerned about installing the drivers for it to work in KVM.

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