Total traffic up/down per user

  • In the beta 1.3b2 version of m0n0 if you look at the stats on captive portal, you can see the total traffic up and down per user.

    That's pretty handy at times. But I don't see that in the cp for PfSense.

    Is there another way in pfsense to see the traffic totals per user?

  • from what i know, per user data is not recorded in pf at leas array data is 0 all the time
    I wish we could get this functionality in pf too :-)

  • That's actually why I started browsing the CP forum today, to find an answer to this question.  Is there any un-supported workaround for this feature someone can point me/us to?  I manage several m0n0walls, and that feature definitely comes in handy.


  • Yes be great feature to have. I'm back to m0n0 because of vendor specific commands from radius to set per user bandwidth etc..
    would really love to have complete m0n0 features in PF. would be the perfect setup then!

  • Well, you can have user stats in pfSense if you install the bandwidth package.
    Not perfect but might be worth looking at.

  • hard to install in you are on embeded platform, well yes there is work round :-P

  • @alexus:

    hard to install in you are on embeded platform, well yes there is work round :-P

    Right, but it wasn't mentioned that savageisland has an embedded iinstall.
    m0n0wall can be run on standard PC platforms as well. Your point is taken but doesn't necessarily apply here.

  • i know it can run on PC, but damn we deployed so many units of diferent equipment, not even nesesary Mono or PF … and in all location we just never had enouph extra space...

    and still I dont understand why do it as separate package? The functions of per user bandwith control are quite usefull! amd user traffic monitorng are useful as well... I was trying to find why we were not able to see user bandwith but had no lack, something just does not populate the array although the accouting data is send to the radius on session terminate