Problem with receiving DHCP WAN IP

  • Here is my current setup
    CentOS 6.3 Dom0 running latest kvm to host pfsense 2.01 virtualized (also tried 2.1 with the same result)

    Internet -> Webstar DPC-2100 Cable Modem > eth0 on Dom0 > eth0 set to passthrough mode to pfsense VM
    eth1 > bridged to br1 to share LAN > netgear switch

    eth0 is set to pass through mode within kvm so that only pfsense will use eth0 (as re0 in pfsense - WAN)
    eth1 is bridged to be shared across VM's (as em0 in pfsense - LAN)

    I've tested that the re0 interface is actually sending data by adding an alias to re0 to hit the modems internal IP ( which is pingable

    Everything on the LAN side works fine, I can connect to the webgui without issues. I've tried manually setting the WAN interface with the settings I pulled from plugging my pc into the cable modem (IP/netmask/gateway/dns/etc) with no luck. I've also rebooted all devices countless times, released dhcp IP's from my linksys wrt router that was plugged in prior to installing pfsense

    Any other device I plug directly into the modem immediately receives the dhcp reply, but stuck on getting pfsense to pull it.

    Thanks for any help!

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