XBMC + PFsense on same divice

  • hi

    I using a pfsense for about a year now
    I was wondering if it was possible to install xbmc and pfsense on the same machine.
    also how to do so


    PS sorry for my english

  • pfSense is a firewall not a media server…. I wouldn't recommend it. You will probably be on your own getting it to work and support

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    Your in the visualization section, so I assume your asking how to visualize your router (pfsense) and have another VM that runs xmbc.  Sure that would not be an issue at all.

    I currently run my pfsense on a N40L box as VM, and have multiple other VMS running on that same hardware N40L - I installed the free ESXI 5 from vmware on the n40l.  Then created whatever vms I need, one is router - then others for my NAS, my test workstations, couple linux distros, couple bsds, test 2k8r2 server for active directory testing, etc.  There should be no issues running a xmbc vm.  I currently stream all my moves from my NAS vm.

    So what hardware do you have to work with?  And what virtual software are you most familiar with?

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