Kicking a user from Captive Portal using PHP

  • I have a piece of code attached to the captive portal index.php file which logs a users IP, MAC and their name / email as entered on the captive portal screen.  I then have a PHP script which displays these logs day by day.  If the log entry is obviously fake, I have a button to click which puts a warning up on the captive portal screen the next time they authenticate, 5 warnings and then their MAC is banned for 3 days.

    All this is done with a little bit of PHP coding and a log file which contains an associative array such as
    $warnings[$clientmac] = "timestamp|warnqty|warnactive";

    When I click the "warn" button, I would also like to forcibly kick the user from the captive portal to force re-authentication.  Before I delve deeply into the code, does anyone know of a PHP function to call to achieve this?  Looking at the querystring of the URL pfsenseIP://status_captiveportal?order=&showact=&act=del&id=5041fe647c9c7 - The ID has no bearing to the MAC I don't believe?  Where is this ID taken from?

    Any info would be great!

  • Ok,

    I have this bit of code which works to turn a MAC into the ID, and assume there wont be issues in using that to get the ID?

    $ourmac = $_GET["mac"];
    $oursid = "";
    if (file_exists("{$g['vardb_path']}/captiveportal.db")) {
    	$captiveportallck = lock('captiveportaldb');
    	$cpcontents = file("/var/db/captiveportal.db", FILE_IGNORE_NEW_LINES | FILE_SKIP_EMPTY_LINES);
    foreach ($cpcontents as $cpcontent) {
    	$cpent = explode(",", $cpcontent);
    	if($cpent[3] == $ourmac){
    	  $oursid = $cpent[5];
    echo "The SID is: $oursid";

    And I can then use:


    to kick a client?

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