Traffic Usage page for CP/raduis2

  • I plan too setup Captive portal with freeradius2 on a 20 too 30 user lan.
    I want to use mac auth, so users never have to login or out. I just want the speed and monthly usage limits. As some users have there own router for their own lan. The routers WAN mac will be a user.

    What I would like is a package that would display what each user has consumed . If possible I would like the PFsense router to display a simple page showing the traffic count to date like I see in the syslog , but only for the users mac that makes the request.
    For example if a user hits the PF lan IP/usage.what ever the package returns the amount in MB according too the mac that was attached in the request packet.

    If this is possible I'll offer 100.00 to start.

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