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  • I am setting up a pfsense box for our office. My setup is -

    wan: (changed IP for security. we have a routable IP address to use)

    The box has 2 NICS.
    I do have a firewall sitting on the network already on a different IP address. I am trying to set the PFSense box up while the other firewall is still in use.

    I cannot ping the ISP gateway. I can ping all the way up to the firewall, but nothing after that.

    The following rules are set-
    WAN - Action - Pass, Interface -WAN, Protocol - any, log packets
    LAN - Action - Pass, Interface -LAN, Protocol - any, log packets

    I have searched and read everything I can find.


  • Is the gateway that your test system is using the pfSense firewall or the other firewall? Other than the IPs have you changed any rules (NAT,Firewall, etc …)? It looks like you have changed the default rules (LAN and WAN), could you post a screen shot of the LAN firewall rules?

  • The test system is using the PFSense box as it's gateway.
    I did modify the default rules to troubleshoot. I was hoping to let everything through, and figure out why I can't pass traffic in the default state.

  • Those rules look okay. Areyou using automatic or manual outbound NAT? What gateway did you setup for your WAN? Is there some special settings you must have on the WAN (like 100 Full manually set or a lowered MTU)?

  • NAT is automatic, with the rules setup as pictured.

    You mentioned special settings on the WAN Card. I changed the Speed/Duplex to 10base\UTP full-duplex, and pings started working! Our ISP never mentioned these settings.

  • Yup … gotta watch out for ISPs ... they do that crap all the time. I guess cause auto negotiate can cause problems. Though I have not had auto-negotiate problems except when they are not doing it. It usually just goes to half-duplex and doesn't stop traffic. I guess it can though.

    So the setup is working now ... you can get to the internet?

  • I am good to go (for now)! Thanks for the help!

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