How to set pfsense with a wireless NanoStation?

  • how to set pfsense with a wireless NanoStation?
    topology in my office modem (pppoe) –----- -------- pfsense -----------  HUB -----------Nanostation  --------- Notebook
    this was possible to follow the tutorial in pictures
    Please help the heroes
    thank you


  • It is not clear to me what specific help you are looking for. Help to configure the Nanostation? Help to configure pfSense? (If so, check out the tutorials and how-tos in then ask a more specific question.)

  • He's asking to help the heroes, so, how can we help you Bob?  :D
    Ilham, i think you have to connect your Nanostation (configured as an access point) to one of the NIC on the computer where you have installed PFSense, then with another wire, you have to make sure that this computer(on his second NIC) is receiving the internet(WAN) from your HUB, then you can connect your laptop wireless to the Nanostation or use a wire to the hub if you don't want to use the wi-fi.

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