• Hi,

    In my network, I have a DMZ (, a LAN ( and a WAN (W.X.Y.Z/24).

    In the DMZ I have a smtp server. So I add a port forward rule for the port 25  and a firewall's rule in order to permit the send of my mail. Hopefully, I receive and send mails.

    I followed the howto in order to create a tunnel between (or similar) and my LAN. It's running fine.

    I always receive my emails

    But I cannot send email, because pfsense wants pass their via the vpn and not via the WAN interface (I always receive their).

    So I tried to add a "Firewall: NAT: Outbound" rule for the port 25 in DMZ. It's not ok.

    Can you help me, please ?


  • is your openvpn your default gateway ?
    even if it is, you should be able to add a Firewall rule on the correct interface (NOT NAT) to specify the desired gateway for whatever port/protocol you want.

    so for example:
    add a firewall rule on the DMZ tab, PASS, tcp, source: dmz-subnet, destination:any, destination port: 25, gateway: WANGW

  • Hi Heper,

    You have found my error ! I forget to change de gateway in the firewall rule.


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