CP images not showing up

  • It's my first time using the CP, so perhaps I'm doing it wrong. Here's what I did:
    1)I made an index page with a ref to captiveportal-logo.jpg, uploaded it via the 'portal page contents' button.
    2) Went to 'file manager' tab, uploaded logo.jpg off the workstation. It then shows up in the list as captiveportal-logo.jpg
    3) Open up CP from a test box- red X for image. Checked from shell: /var/db/cpelements/captiveportal.jpg is there. /usr/local/captiveportal/ has only the default index.php, and two .inc files.
    4) If I copy the jpg from /var/db/cpelements to /usr/local/captiveportal, then the image shows up on the index page. But this seems like an ugly hack.
    Using 1.2beta1

  • Not enought info (at least for me)…

    Can you provide more info about your setup ?

  • It's a simple setup- Static WAN, CP on LAN. No auth, just a terms of service page with an 'I Agree' button.
    Shouldn't the symlink in /usr/local/captiveportal be created automatically when upload from the file manager tab?

  • Images must have the word "captiveportal" in them.

  • 1)I made an index page with a ref to captiveportal-logo.jpg,

    looks like he did it already… thats what got me confused...

  • The original file was just called "logo.jpg", when I uploaded it, it showed up as "captiveportal-logo.jpg".
    I'll have to try again, I thought that when I started with a file called "captiveportal-logo.jpg" It became "captiveportal-captiveportal-logo.jpg" after uploading.
    Re-reading my original post, I see that I mis-typed. I should have said that /var/db/cpelements/captiveportal-logo.jpg showed up from the shell, but there was no symlink in /usr/local/captiveportal/ to captiveportal-logo.jpg.

  • I have that issue to, seems like a widespread issue for the Beta release for 1.2-BETA-1.  But after copying those files works great :).  Thanks.

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